Follow Until You’re Blind (Poem)

Children summoned from ‘round the world
Brethren in Christ. Dear Brother!
Hurtling through time with no care for Now
The Kingdom – here it comes!
Read the Bible, say your prayers, follow until you’re blind
Doctrine, dogma, goodness, faith…
Sit still, accept, stay dumb.
Appearance of evil – pleasure be gone!
Even thoughts can do you wrong.
Auntie, be quiet! Make the tea,
Sweep the hall, prepare the meal. Your husband is your head.
Daughters, be pretty, pray for grace, but keep it to yourself
Put on your hat, your hair is glory – your glory and your shame
Hide your Self and learn your lines: In Jesu’s name we pray
His will be done while yours is mute
And sing these dreary songs
Gather, rejoice that we’re the Ones!
Love and works and arrogance; they are our true salvation
But stray from the flock, you will be scorned
And left for the world to eat you.

Joanna Tebbs Young. August 24, 2010

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