Sure and Certain Hope

In the beginning was The Word.

Our Shared Hope
is that
The Pope is the Antichrist
The Jews are chosen
Evolution is a lie
You don’t have a soul
The Lord cometh quickly
and we
might have

Vain, sinful man!
What is he, that You are mindful of him?
In Jesu’s name we ask it
We beseech thee
Hear our prayer

Table duty, flower rota
Dorcas class, Sister’s tea
Sunday School, proofs learnt
She eateth not the bread of idleness

Arranging brethren, special effort
Speaking duty, mutual improvement,
Campaign, Bible mission
Steward duty, on the door
And he who does not work shall not eat

Doing the Daily Readings
Gog, Magog, Russia, the Great Whore
Sodom and Gomorrah
It’s all working out as John Thomas said it would

We come now to the highlight of our week
These emblems
Of our unworthiness
That means we might have hope
That we might not be weighed and found wanting

Sister, offer up
Your silence
As a sweet-smelling savour
In thankfulness and praise
And if you want to know anything
Please keep it to yourself
In all submission
As it is written
To Him be the glory

Brother, the Godly head
(Our god is a mighty fortress, the name above all names, inaccessible, God-only wise)
Maybe God is lonely, but
Brethren, be not unequally yoked
Suffer not a woman to teach
Be always ready with an answer
In the service of our Lord

The days are quickly flying
The present world is passing away
The Catholics the Churches the EU the Arabs the Russians the media the scientists the schools the humanists the modernisers the liberals the feminists the gays the lusts the flesh the World
Fear not!
God will make thine enemies thy footstool
We are just passing through

In the World but not of it
Strangers and pilgrims
Of like precious faith
Few of us stand ready
In sure and certain


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