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It Felt As If I Had Been Held Hostage By a Ghost

When I was 15, my English teacher told me that she expected to see my name in print someday. Flippantly, I muttered something about the Obituary columns, but her comment stuck. Writing has always been my outlet of choice, so … Continue reading

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broken link

Dear Religious Establishment, I didn’t realise when I joined you that I actually walked through a Bad Gateway. My Search Engine was faulty and did not provide me with enough choices. When I joined you, my Home Page was fairly … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Table

emblems of utmost love are withheld   because you examined us and found we were different DF

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Sure and Certain Hope

In the beginning was The Word. Our Shared Hope is that The Pope is the Antichrist The Jews are chosen Evolution is a lie You don’t have a soul The Lord cometh quickly and we might have salvation Vain, sinful … Continue reading

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Ten Years On

It’s nearly 10 years since the day I realised I’d had enough. I stood on the station platform on the way home from the meeting, one grey English summer afternoon, and knew for certain that I wanted nothing more to … Continue reading

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I Was a Thinking Child

I was brought up in a Christadelphian household, my father converting my obedient and unthinking mother before marriage. His parents were devout Christadelphians, my grandfather converting my previously-Catholic grandmother before marriage. Sundays were horrid. Like other posts on this site, … Continue reading

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‘It’s not About Theological Correctness’

The Power of Redemptive Love My story with the Christadelphians centres round the fact that in 1994 I ‘married out’ to a Christian whose doctrinal beliefs in some areas are not quite the same as my own, and as a … Continue reading

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